Meetup Check-In

Meetup CheckIn now available in the Apple App Store here.

Keep records of attendance at events!
Keep track of the people who reserve Yes to an event, but do not show up so you can take ACTION after a number of no-shows.
Meetup Leaders and Administrators can now easily keep track of RSVPs and no-shows to your events.
At your event, ‘Check-In’ people as they show up as easy as a tap on their picture.
Keeps records of those who don’t show up so you can remove them from your group after a number of no-shows.

Once installed – run the app and login to
You will see a list of your upcoming and recent Meetups.
Tap an event to see members who have RSVP’d to this event.
Tap members as they show up to mark them as attended.
No-show data is kept and accumulated for each member.
As members attend future events, members are highlighted if they missed past events.
Tap highlighted members to see past records of missed events.
Now you can easily keep track of and remove members who repeatedly miss events.
Recommended for Leaders and Administrators, however any member of group can use.

* Easy to use – logon and go!
* Shows yesterdays and upcoming Meetup Events from all of your Meetup Groups.
* Quickly shows pictures of all members attending your Meetups, highlighting members that have missed past events.
* Tap member pictures to check them in to an event.
* Logon with Oauth (most secure way of logging into Meetup – does not store Userid/pw on this device)

-Other information
* Feedback and support:
* More information at:
* MeetupCheckIn requires a member account on in order to function.
* MeetupCheckIn requires an Internet connection.
* Current version does not sync data across devices.
* Some photos take longer to load than others as member’s photo sizes vary greatly.

* MeetupCheckIn uses the APIs but Meetup Inc. does not endorse or sponsor MeetupCheckIn and we are not affiliated in any way with Meetup Inc.

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